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Celtic Knot gown

Celtic Knot Baptism Gown buy now»

Murphy of Ireland specialise in Irish linen Baptism clothes and accessories. We stock Baptism gowns, blankets, bibs, booties, everything you could possibily need for your baby's special day.

On the right, our "Celtic Knot" Baptism gown is woven in Irish Linen. Centuries of Irish craftsmanship come together with stylish design in the making of this beautiful Baptism Gown, more often called a "Baptism Robe" here in Donegal.




Linen Grandad Shirt & Pullups buy now»

Grandad shirt and pull-ups

Another example of our Baptism range is Linen Grandad and Pullups.

Available in size 0-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months.


Irish Linen Grandfather Shirt and Pullup trousers, - perfect for the wee man's big day.





Linen Baptism Coat buy now»

Irish Linen Baptism Coat

Designed to go over all of our christening outfits. Irish Linen Baptism Coat with it’s beautiful lace trim around the collar. This coat is perfect for wrapping your baby up warmly for one of their most important days in family life.

See the complete selection of Murphy of Ireland linen christening robes and batism accessories.




Booties and Bibs

Bib - click to buy onlineLinen christening booties - click to buy onlineTwo items to complement your baby's outfit are a Linen Bib (left is the "Celtic Knot " version) and Linen Booties.

Perfect for a Baptism, or in fact any other special occasion.

Both in Pure Irish linen, and delived direct from our store in Ballybofey Co Donegal.





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updated July 1, 2014